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TEGA KUANTUM SDN. BHD. (1078563-M) is a Malaysia cosmetic and healthcare company dedicated to providing effective and safe solutions to consumers. The company has launched the high-quality Bio-Aquacel Eye Safe sterile lubricated eye drop that will suit your everyday needs.

Bio-Aquacel Eye Safe is developed with unique Japan formulation. It is the only eye drop product in the market which contains no drug, steroids, antibiotics and preservatives to support healthy vision and keep your eyes lubricated and comfortable. Bio-Aquacel is proved to be safe for frequent use and effectively address common eye symptoms and discomforts.


TEGA KUANTUM SDN.BHD.(1078563-M)是一家马来西亚保养保健公司,致力于为消费者提供有效安全并能解决顾客问题的产品。

公司也推出了高质量产品“ Bio-Aquacel Eye Safe”润滑无菌点眼液,势必满足您的日常需求。

公司明星产品“Bio-Aquacel Eye Safe” 更是采用与日本合作的独特配方配制而成。它是市场上唯一不含药物,类固醇,抗生素和防腐剂的眼药水产品,能保持健康的視力並让您的眼睛维持潤滑舒適。